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Friday, October 5

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Saturday, October 6

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Re: Centering the Digital Liberal Arts: How to Sustain Inclusion, Collaboration and Networks When Soft Money Hardens Room 241Christopher Gilman, Occidental College • Jacob Alden Sargent, Occidental College • Jacob Heil Accessing Local History and Culture Through Wellness: The Ready Set Fit App Walls LoungeAustin O’Neil, Bucknell University • Chloe Poltonavage, Bucknell University • David Martinez, Bucknell University • Katherine Faull, Bucknell University • Nick Passantino, Bucknell University • Shaunna Barnhart, Bucknell University • Stu Thompson, Bucknell University • Zach Dunbrack, Bucknell University Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship Training for Faculty in the Liberal Arts Room 241Jessie Bourland, Erica Fleming, Dave Sandor, Aaron Mauro, and Kevin Conaway Pollinator Panic! Center RoomHarland Patch • Candace Price (Senior, IDS, B.Des.), Penn State University • Carlos Rosas, School of Visual Arts, Penn State University • Erica Krieger (Masters Candidate, Biotechnology, PSM)), Penn State University • Kevin Liang (Senior, IDS, B.Des.), Penn State University • Adam Kling (Junior, IDS, B.Des, Penn State University) Sustainable Digital Scholarship Summer Programs through Consortial Collaboration Room 241Alicia Peaker, Bryn Mawr College • Collaborators from Haverford, Swarthmore, Bucknell, Gettysburg, Lafayette, Muhlenberg, and Bryn Mawr Telling the Institution's Digital Stories: Communications, Student Partnerships, and (gulp) Marketing Center RoomBryn Mawr College • Beth Seltzer

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Sunday, October 7

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